"Sure I'm on my way to Architecture Licensure, however I'm a shutterbug at heart."

The Art of Photography

My passion for photography began at a very young age and ever since I’ve become “a collector of moments”. I enjoy many different areas within the field, but find architectural photography and photojournalism most comforting. I believe the art of photography is best used within the subject’s natural habitat, thus why the unpredictable nature of on-site photography appeals the most to me. 

Throughout the years, photography has been my escape and trust worthy sidekick. It's become more than just a hobby or useful skill set-it’s part of who I am.

The ways in which we process photographs might have altered, but the memories and emotions the art form conjures - that will never change. 

I’m a photo enthusiast, I love the craft, the process, and viewfinder. I could proudly say I took pictures before Instagram (I'm sure somewhere there's a T-shirt with that statement ). 

You can find more of my photos at: