An Iphone Case with some Culture

 An Iphone Case with a little bit of Culture.

 An Iphone Case with a little bit of Culture.

The other day my iphone case was in desperate disrepair, so naturally I decided to fix it. I covered it with the most Eco friendly product I could find - vinyl (it's a joke, it's horrible). 

The design stems from the Mola (an ingenious art form, from the Cuna Indians of Panama).

For those who personally know me, I'm obsessed with the color Turquoise and it's many variations, hence the colors chosen. Furthermore I'm also in love with the beautiful native  patterns  of these molas, even my Moleskine has them. 


This Video sums up everything I love about buildings; the aesthetic emotions, the play of light and shadow, and the surreal sensation of being inside a master's creation. This entire video was made by a very talented man(Alex Roman), it is all CG, yes all CG, and under Vimeo he shows you how he did it. Also I love his knowledge of photography, as he plays around with the field of depth. It takes a bit to load, but trust me it is well worth it.


Yesterday on my way home I glanced over at the Christopher Bond Bridge, it's almost complete. They've been working on it FOREVER. I chuckle everytime....because as you'll see "that bridge looks familiar". When I lived in STL, I crossed this bridge......

When I lived in Greece, I crossed this bridge......

When I visit Panama, I cross this Bridge............

Now in KC, I glance everyday at this Bridge (not complete).....

Only to find out that it is inspired by this bridge (SC)..............

Conclusion, I sure have crossed many Bridges, but if I ever move somewhere else I know exactly what their future Bridge will look like, jejejeje.

Fun Fact: The Christopher Bond Bridge was host to the largest concrete pour in the State of Missouri. And if you are one of those confused thinking how could the Bridge be in Missouri when it is in Kansas City. I know for a fact that not everyone knows this, but Kansas City is located in the Missouri side. See now you will get this right if it ever comes up in Trivia Night.


My lovely coworker makes the most amazing gourds and I have this new found respect for the art of gourd making. I joined her one day and went through the process of cleaning, scrubbing, drilling, ripping the stuff out, and sanding the inside. All necessary prep-work before you can actually work on the gourd. Once this was complete, I could actually start laying down the design and applying diff. layers and stains.

It really is an act of love - it takes hours and days to make just one perfect gourd.  Since I'm horrible at documenting my stuff (once I start a project I forget to take a picture of the next step and before I know it I've finished), I didn't get the chance to take a picture of each step-but in this case I think it's a good thing. I wouldn't want to give out her secrets of the trade. These were my first two gourds,  after these I went into early retirement, but check her gourds out...she is awesome.